LoLF Honorary Awardees

Each year the Light of Life Foundation gives our annual award for a career of excellence in clinical and/or basic research that has impacted our understanding of Thyroid Cancer and the care of patients who live with it. The award lecture will be given in June 2017 at MSKCC this year.

The list of previous awardees include:

  • E Mazzaferri (1999, Endo)
  • O Clark (2000, Surgery)
  • M Schlumberger (2001 Nuc med)
  • B Weintraub (2002, Basic science)
  • F Pacini (2003, Endo)
  • S Wells (2004, Surgery)
  • J Robbins (2005, Nuc med)
  • M Santoro (2006, Basic science)
  • A Pinchera (2007, Endocrinology)
  • N Thompson (2008 Surgery)
  • Christoph Reiners (2009 Nuclear Med)
  • Nancy Carrasco (2010, Basic science)
  • Rosella Elisei (2011 Endocrinology)
  • H Dralle (2012, Surgery)
  • R McDougall (2013, Nuclear Medicine)
  • Y Nikiforov (2014, Pathology/Basic Science)
  • I Hay (2015, Endocrinology)

This year we are restricting our choices to 
SURGEONS who are internationally recognized as outstanding researchers and who have made major contributions to the field of thyroid oncology, especially with regard to:

  1. High quality research that has been published in peer-reviewed journals
  2. Teaching by way of chapters, review articles, lectures at regional or national meetings, or serving as a training program director or medical school lecturer.
  3. Citizenship as reflected by service to patient groups, medical societies, or to leadership position in a medical center
  4. Reputation as an outstanding scientist who has made major advances in our understanding of thyroid cancer

We are proud to present the 2016 Light of Life Honorary Award to:


Akira Miyauchi, MD

President and COO
Kuma Hospital, Japan