The Light of Life Foundation conducts online and face-to-face education and patient support activities throughout the year. Our annual educational symposium in partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City brings physicians together with patients and family members to discuss issues and learn about new treatment advances. The Foundation hosts patient education days at other medical facilities and creates education materials including a low-iodine cookbook that can be used during periods of scanning. The cookbook offers suggestions about what patients can prepare to eat healthfully during this time, and the Foundations hopes to develop a mobile app for low iodine cooking.The Foundation was an early user of Facebook groups, forming a

The Foundation was an early user of Facebook groups, forming a network for patients and survivors. The group of nearly 4,000 members exchange ideas about coping with lifestyle and family issues. Leading doctors in the fields most relevant to thyroid cancer, many of whom are on the Foundation’s Board of Directors, also provide medical information. The Foundation’s Twitter account @checkyourneck has over 450 followers.

The Foundation’s website,, continues to feature a community section and a patient section, both of which provide resources for patients, survivors and families.