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Ginger Lemongrass Tea

Iced or hot

  • Steep Ginger Lemon herbal tea bags with fresh or dried lemon grass pieces in hot water
  • To make a strong liquid use triple bags per cup of water
  • Strain into container as your base liquid.
  • While warm add honey, agave or sugar to taste
  • Cool
  • Pour individual servings over ice for cold drink, can garnish with lemon verbena or mint leaves
  • For a hot serving pour into microwavable cup and add water to dilute to taste

Note: Lemongrass is often sold with loose teas by the ounce. It looks like dried chopped grass pieces. 2-4 ounces is sufficient for several servings. Fresh lemongrass is sold in many markets especially Asian. Wash and finely chop lower stem ends for use.


  • Add 1/8th tsp of cinnamon; 1-2 Thai basil leaves, ¼ cup coconut milk beverage*

* Do not use pina colada coconut mix or can products.