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How to make your own Almond Milk


  • 1 cup of raw whole almonds (unroasted, unsalted)
  • 3-4 cups of water
  • Cheesecloth or fine metal strainer


  • Sweeteners (maple syrup, honey)
  • Flavorings (1/4 tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp vanilla and/or almond extract)


  • Soak almonds 4 hours or overnight in water
  • Rinse and drain
  • Add soaked almonds to a blender with 2 cups of water
  • Emulsify to a paste
  • Add if you desire sweeteners and flavorings with 1-2 more cups of water
  • Blend into desired liquid
  • You can stop here or to improve texture strain liquid through cheesecloth or strainer
  • Yield 3+ cups of almond milk
  • Chill
  • Leftover pulp can be used for oatmeal, granola, in baked goods (muffins, cookies)